RES 103E Technical Drawing 2+2 (3 credits) (4 ECTS credits)

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Course Description
  • Technical Drawing in Engineering
  • Technical Drawing Equipments
  • Meanings of Line Types
  • Lettering, Fundamentals of Dimensioning
  • Principles of Projection
  • Orthographic Views
  • Multivew Sketching
  • Auxiliary Views
  • Section Views
  • Isometric Perspectives
  • Surface Finishing Symbols
  • Fasteners and Drawings
 Course Objectives
  • To give an ability to write and read technical drawings
  • To provide the applications of dimensioning, surface finishing symbols and geometrical tolerances on the technical drawings,
  • To give an ability to draw standard machine elements and assembly drawings.
Course Learning Outcomes

Students who pass the course will be able to:

  • Create freehand sketching and lettering
  • Give dimensions on the drawings
  • Sketch the orthographic views of the machine parts
  • Draw section views of the machine parts
  • Apply the surface finishing symbols on the drawings
  • Draw the fasteners
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  • ​Engineering design graphics : AutoCAD 2007, J.H. Earle, Pearson/Prentice Hall, New York, 2008
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  • ​Engineering Graphics, F.E.Giesecke,, Pearson/Prentice Hall, New Jersey, 2004
  • ​Technical Graphics Communication, G.R.Bertoline,, McGraw-Hill, Boston,2003
Course Plan
  1. Introduction to Technical Drawing and Lettering
  2. Principles of Dimensioning
  3. Flat Parts
  4. Principles of Projection and Orthographic
  5. Views Multiviews-1
  6. Multiviews-2
  7. Multiviews-3
  8. Section Views-1
  9. Section Views-2
  10. Section Views-3
  11. Surface Roughness and Surface Finishing Symbols
  12. Perspective Sketching
  13. Machine Assembly Drawing
  14. Fasteners Drawing