Term Project

Term Project
By surveying recent literature, write a (max. 10 pages) report and prepare a 30 minute oral presentation one of these topics. Submit your report both in hard copy and pdf file format

ID No Name Topics Dates
20 Nov. 2017
503171209 Günalp Genç Distributed & Direct numerical control
503171221 R. Efe Ünsel Flexible Manufacturing System
503161218 Ö. Yağız Çiçek Failure mode and effects anaylsis
503151225 S.Levent Uzun Kanban System 27 Nov. 2017
Muhammed Naeem Materials Requirement Planning
503151223 Ömer Zurnalı Total Quality Management
503171220 Pelin Ayhopa Database Management System
503171206 Emre Delibaş Just in Time 11 Dec. 2017
503171202 Ali Kosif Coordinate Measuring Machines
503161207 Berkem Koşma Reverse Engineering
503171222 U. Serdar Çivici Rapid Prototyping
503161705 Cansu Akpınar Discrete event simulation 18 Dec. 2017
503161201 A.Melik Sancak Combined Discrete-Continuos Simulation
503141701 Ahmet Dere Metropolitan Area Network
503141229 Onur Kelten Automated Guided Vehicles