RES107E Technical Drawing 1+2 (2 credits) ( ECTS credits)

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 AutoCAD File (*.dwg)

Course Description
  • Technical Drawing in Engineering
  • Meanings of Line Types
  • Lettering, Fundamentals of Dimensioning
  • Principles of Projection
  • Orthographic Views
  • Section Views
  • Isometric Perspectives
  • Principles of Computer Aided Technical Drawing
  • Sketching Commands
  • Modifying Commands
  • Two Dimensional Sketching in CAD
 Course Objectives
  • To give an ability to write and read technical drawings
  • To provide the applications of dimensioning,
  • To give an ability to draw standard machine elements,
  • To give an ability to draw in computer environment.
Course Learning Outcomes

Students who pass the course will be able to;

  • Create freehand sketching and lettering
  • Give dimensions on the drawings
  • Sketch the orthographic views of the machine parts
  • Draw section views of the machine parts
  • Sketch the 2-dimensional drawings in CAD
  • Print out the 2-dimensional drawings.
  • Mühendislik Çizimin Esasları, S.Kurt, İ.Gerdemeli, C.E.İmrak, Birsen Yayınevi, İstanbul, 2005.
  • ​Engineering design graphics : AutoCAD 2007, J.H. Earle, Pearson/Prentice Hall, New York, 2008
  • ​Teknik Resim, Temel Bilgiler, İ.Z.Şen,N.Özçilingir, DE-HA Yayın, İstanbul, 2007
  • ​Makine Resmi, İ.Z.Şen,N.Özçilingir, DE-HA Yayın, İstanbul, 2007
  • ​Engineering Graphics, F.E.Giesecke,, Pearson/Prentice Hall, New Jersey, 2004
  • ​Technical Graphics Communication, G.R.Bertoline,, McGraw-Hill, Boston,2003
Course Plan
  1. Introduction to Technical Drawing and Lettering
  2. Principles of Dimensioning and Flat Parts
  3. Principles of Projection and Orthographic Views
  4. Multiviews
  5. Section Views
  6. Section Views
  7. Perspective Sketching
  8. Introduction to Computer Aided Technical Drawing
  9. Basic Drawing Commands
  10. Basic Drawing Commands
  11. Modifying Commands
  12. Modifying Commands
  13. Dimensioning in CAD
  14. Section Views in CAD